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Course: Dental Billing

This course is all about Dental Insurance and Medical Insurance Billing. We dive deep into the specifics of common terminology to the proper billing process to get your claims paid in 14 days or less.  Take a look at our 12-week course outline. 

12 Week Course

Weeks 1-4: Introduction to dental and medical insurance. Common dental and medical terminology. Required forms, attachments, and submission requirements. 
Weeks 5-8: In and Out of Network common issues, denials and how to appeal, insurance commissioner rules and regulations on your side. Best practices guide for proper billing. Posting payments (insurance, 3rd party, and adjustments)
Weeks 9-12: 7 Understanding aging reports and how to report on them to impress your owner, introduction to credentialing, collecting before collections agencies. Leading your team to properly manage the dental billing your dental office and a final review.  Final Exam.