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Dental Clinic

Compare Our School

We know you have many options for continuing your adult education and getting your dental team the skills they need for your practice to thrive.  Take a look at what sets us apart from other online membership-based, video-centric platforms.

Comprehensive Learning Experience:

Dentistry Support Academy® offers a comprehensive 12-week course structure with classroom discussions, weekly assignments, and varied learning materials, providing a more immersive and in-depth learning experience compared to the video-centric approach of other month to month membership training courses.

Extended Access to Course Content:

Dentistry Support Academy® provides access to course content for a full year after graduation, allowing students to revisit materials and reinforce their learning. In contrast, monthly subscription models only offer ongoing access with an active membership, making our platform a more flexible and enduring option.

Interactive Classroom Discussions:

Dentistry Support Academy® fosters a true learning environment with interactive classroom discussions, promoting engagement, critical thinking, and peer-to-peer learning. This interactive element is absent in other month-to-month video-centric training options, providing our students with a more dynamic and engaging educational experience.

Individualized Attention and Support:

Our traditional education model allows for more personalized attention and support for each student. With a focus on a cohort-based system, instructors can provide tailored guidance and feedback, enhancing the overall learning journey. Other membership program video libraries lack the individualized support that comes with a structured classroom environment.

Structured Curriculum with Progression:

Our courses are designed with a structured curriculum, each building upon the previous one, ensuring a logical progression of skills and knowledge. This approach fosters a more systematic and thorough understanding of the subject matter compared to the individual and unrelated courses offered by other month-to-month video-centric training sites.

Diverse Teaching Methods:

​Our academy employs diverse teaching methods, including videos, reading materials, worksheets, and on-the-job experiences, accommodating various learning preferences. This multi-faceted approach ensures that students with different learning styles can excel in their studies, offering a more inclusive education compared to month to month primarily video-based format courses.

Cost-Effective Learning:

While Dentistry Support Academy's courses may have a higher upfront cost, the one-year access period provides greater value for money compared to other ongoing subscription models. Our approach allows students to continue accessing materials and support without monthly fees, making it a more cost-effective option in the long run.

Skill Mastery through Progressive Courses:

Dentistry Support Academy®'s progressive course structure ensures that students master skills and knowledge before advancing to more complex topics. This mastery-based learning approach is more effective in building a solid foundation, enabling students to excel in their careers with confidence, which might be lacking in month to month video-centric fragmented course offerings.

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