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Master Class - Dental Insurance (12 Weeks) - Level 3

Master Class - Dental Insurance (12 Weeks) - Level 3

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Tuition for 1 student.  One (1) twelve-week course enrollment for Dentistry Support Academy - Master Class - Dental Billing. The tuition fee includes online course materials, course admission, and technology fees.


This course is all about Dental Insurance and the inner workings of what to know when verifying benefits or explaining how it works. We dive deep into the specifics of common terminology to the proper way to discuss and avoid insurance discrimination.  We teach your office how to handle in-house discount plans and create the perfect breakdown of benefits.  Take a look at our 12-week course outline. 

12 Week Course

Weeks 1-4: Intermediate-level introduction to Dental insurance. Common dental insurance knowledge such as clause explanation (to include uncommon procedures which should always be verified). How to read, explain and create a breakdown of benefits form.
Weeks 5-8: Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, and Quadrary insurance verifications.  Umbrella plans, fee schedules, and what it means to go out of network with all insurances. Understanding changing fee schedules vs going all out of network. 
Weeks 9-12:  Inhouse discount plans, marketing efforts with insurance (and what not to do). Leading your team to properly manage dental insurance processes and explanations. How to calculate your growth in the practice based on efforts in dental insurance. How to help your patients see what their insurance covers vs them seeing what it does not.  Final Exam.

No refunds. No returns. All purchases and sales are final.


    All Masterclasses required 2 years(verifiable) as a leader/manager in a dental office or successful completion of our Front Office Course and Leadership Course (graduating grade of 85% or higher).

    This course is all about Dental Insurance and Medical Insurance Billing. We dive deep into the specifics of common terminology to the proper billing process to get your claims paid in 14 days or less.  Take a look at our 12-week course outline. 

    12 Week Course

    Weeks 1-4: Introduction to dental and medical insurance. Common dental and medical terminology. Required forms, attachments, and submission requirements. 
    Weeks 5-8: In and Out of Network common issues, denials and how to appeal, insurance commissioner rules and regulations on your side. Best practices guide for proper billing. Posting payments (insurance, 3rd party, and adjustments)
    Weeks 9-12: 7 Understanding aging reports and how to report on them to impress your owner, introduction to credentialing, collecting before collections agencies. Leading your team to properly manage the dental billing your dental office and a final review.  Final Exam.


    All purchases and payments for tuition are non-refundable under any circumstance.  There are no school credits on account or transfers of tuition to another course.  Once tuition is paid, there is no possibility of refunding even if you unenroll in the course. Tuition is paid for the course term you are enrolling in. If you change your mind and decide to take the same course at another time, there will be no refunds and you will have to pay for the new class again.  The tuition only applies to the course you have applied for and been accepted to enroll in.

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