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Course: Dental Treatment Presentations

Start presenting treatment with confidence to overcome objections, offer payment options that work, discuss treatment confidently and pilot your office to new heights of production.

This course packs a big punch with you learning to video record yourself in action and truly having the knowledge you always dreamt of in Dentistry.

12 Week Course

Weeks 1-4: Dental Terminology and Vocab (Advanced), Sales examples and evaluations, Customer experience from a sales perspective, Understanding objections. 
Weeks 5-8: Organizing a schedule based on productivity, Payment options/3rd party financing, sales verbiage, and making it sound kind, example treatment plans, understanding order and complexity.
Weeks 9-12: 7 Presenting Perio + Preventive, Presenting Restorative + Endo, Presenting OS or Implants + other Major services, Video presentations + Final Exam.

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