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Course: Dental Insurance

Are you looking for comprehensive training on all things dental insurance? No problem, this short 12-week course will give you the intro and information you need to know to verify, understand plans and explain dental insurance confidently.  Once you graduate from our program you will be ready to talk about coverage and understand a break down of benefits for all major dental insurance types. Looking for more, check out our course offerings and enroll in one of our classes.

12 Week Course

Week 1-4: Orientation, Dental Insurance Plan Types, frequencies, and limitation understanding, Break Down of Benefits, Common Dental Terminology.

Week 5-8: Maximums, deductibles, and how fees work when maxed out, understanding multiple insurances (two week lesson on multiple insurances)

Week 9-12: Understanding in and out of network, intro to credentialing, intro to billing, and intro to presenting treatment plans. Final Exam.

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