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Collaborate LIVE with
Dentistry Support Academy

Welcome to Dentistry Support Academy, where we're dedicated to building a vibrant dental community! If you're a dental professional or any awesome field professional looking to showcase your business, share valuable insights, or highlight your leadership skills, we have an exciting opportunity for you. Schedule a quick 10-minute discovery call to be considered for selection as one of the four professionals we choose each month to participate in our live keynote event shared on all social media platforms. This is your chance to shine and make a lasting impact within the dental industry. Join us as we bring together like-minded individuals, fostering collaboration, and providing a platform to showcase your expertise. Schedule your discovery call now and let your dental business or expertise take center stage at Dentistry Support Academy on our weekly Live Keynote Event!

How to Collab with us...

Step 1: Schedule a 10-Minute Discovery Call

Step 2: Complete our Collaboration Commitment & Pre-Event Preparation Form

Step 3: Participate in our Timeline of Social Sharing and Inviting to our Live Event and GO LIVE

Book a 10-minute discovery call with Dentistry Support Academy to express your interest in participating in our virtual collaboration. During this call, we'll discuss the details, answer any questions you may have, and determine if it's a good fit for you.

After the discovery call, we'll provide you with a Collaboration Commitment & Pre-Event Preparation Form. This form allows us to gather essential information about your dental business, insights, or expertise. Completing the form ensures we have the necessary details to tailor the collaboration and maximize its impact.

Once you've completed the form, Dentistry Support Academy will guide you through our timeline of social sharing and inviting. This step involves sharing promotional content and inviting your network to join the live event. When the event day arrives, you'll have the opportunity to go live and engage with our audience, sharing your valuable insights, experiences, and expertise with the dental community.

What to know...

Joining a Live Event in Collaboration with Dentistry Support + Dentistry Support Academy:

1. Learn and Engage:

  • Dental professionals lean in and learn through our live events, broadcasted simultaneously on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

  • To make the most of these events, follow us on all platforms to stay updated on upcoming sessions and gain valuable insights from industry experts.

2. Technical Requirements:

  • Prior to the event, ensure you have access to a phone and a microphone.

  • If your computer lacks a built-in microphone, using your phone will enable active participation in the event.

3. Importance of Social Media Sharing:

  • Sharing about the event on your social media channels is vital to maximizing your success.

  • Beforehand, help generate excitement and engagement by spreading the word within your professional network.

  • By actively participating and sharing insights during the live event, you contribute to a collaborative environment that benefits the entire dental community.

4. You will be participating in 2 live events.  The first will be with Dentistry Support our mother company and the second with Dentistry Support Academy. This will be a total of 60 minutes (all in a row).

By actively engaging in our live events across multiple social platforms, you can learn, connect, and contribute to the growth of the dental industry. Follow us on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and don't forget to share and promote the event on your social media channels. Together, we can create a thriving dental community that benefits all dental professionals.

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